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Why donate to Médecins Sans Frontières?

Médecins Sans Frontières is a worldwide movement. We have helped millions of people since MSF was established in 1971. The movement has grown and we now work in over 60 countries around the world, with teams ready for any new emergency.

Our donors are a vital part of the movement - your generosity and support helps fund everything we do, with 90 percent of our income coming from individual donations. This allows us to stay independent, neutral and impartial - and to access those in greatest need quickly.


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Our immediate response to emergency situations (floods in Pakistan, war in Ukraine, war in Syria, hurricane in Haiti or Ebola epidemic) is made possible by your donations to our Emergency Fund.

This fund allows us to act quickly in the first hours of an emergency. We therefore ask that your donation be used where we feel it is needed. We thank you warmly for your trust.

Do you have a question? Please contact our donor service:

Miek Monsieur
Head of Donor Services
phone : 02 474 74 77
e-mail : donateurs@msf.be

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